A while ago, I tweeted that “Maths is in my heart”. Trixie Barretto was inspired by that to make a video of me: which is now posted on vimeo: “mathematician”.

Since it came out two days ago, I’ve posted the link on twitter, facebook and Google+. I am struck by how many people have been touched by it. Here are some quotes from people’s comments:

  • “Exquisite portrayal of love of math.”
  • “Great short film. I have never heard someone talking about Maths like this before.”
  • “What makes this video truly moving is that it depicts how a love of mathematics can carry someone through tough times.”
  • “If you wonder how people can love math, or know someone who is wondering this, this video may help.”
  • “A very nice presentation of her relationship with this tool of the mind. it is interesting how she relates to mathematics with feeling like most people do with music.”
  • “Very inspiring!”
  • “I think many, perhaps even most mathematicians feel some of these emotions – but most are not so good at conveying them.”
  • “A beautiful story, I wish I had better mathematical understanding of the world.”
  • “Thanks for this! It’s very inspiring. 🙂 I’m trying to get myself more interested in mathematics, and it’s great to learn a bit about a female mathematician from a personal point of view. Not something I see every day!”

I hope you can share it too, in particular, with school children and teachers who may want to spread the good news about how human an activity mathematics is.

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